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January 29, 2016

A Finely Tuned Menu Does Wonders

from Chef Thomas Andresakes

The Pour House in Westmont, New Jersey, captures most trends in today’s culinary charge and executes flawlessly! I recently went on a culinary journey around my home state of New Jersey and came across this great restaurant & bar.

Wisely, the menu has been streamlined to a couple core menu offerings which in turn allows them to focus on executing each dish to perfection. From the applewood smoked deviled eggs, to the goat cheese fritters, the phenomenal hummus, and of course their porter infused BBQ wings. Another crowd pleaser is the 3-cheese grilled cheese sandwich. Great attention to detail to given to every dish— all the way down to their signature burgers, which feature a special blend of ground beef and are topped with a caramelized onion bacon jam.

From the food to the service this bar is a breath of fresh air to any food lover. If you find yourself in South Jersey or Philadelphia area this one is a must!

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