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January 14, 2016

A Molecular Marriage Made in Heaven

from Chef Brian Dragos

I first heard the term ‘sous vide’ back in the late 1970’s; some kind of European boil in the bag technology that was going to change cooking as we knew it. As a classically trained chef, I waited and waited here in Arizona but nothing happened. I locked the term in my brain until just a few years ago as similar news started coming around. However, this time around I heard it being discussed by Chefs I knew.

I’m a kinesthetic learner (as are most culinarians), so I waited for the chance to work hands on with this technique. I got my opportunity a few years back at an ACF regional conference and got up close and personal with our own Chef Bill Franklin, CMC, and Chef Greg Taylor, CEC. I observed and helped, getting my hands and mind wrapped around this technique. When I returned home I got my own equipment and have experimented with all types of proteins.

Now, for the marriage part. There’s one big challenge that is rarely addressed in sous vide recipes. They talk about proteins, strands, tenderness, and doneness— but there’s no mention of the sauce.

That’s because with sous vide there are two constraints. First, there can’t be any liquids as that would prevent the bags from sealing properly. Second, as with sautéing or braising, there’s little to no caramelization happening.

So what’s the solution? Flavor Means Business. Specifically Minor’s foundational sauces— demi-glace, hollandaise, gravy concentrates and ready-to-use (RTU) sauces. Imagine the consistency of your sous vide proteins matched with consistently flavored sauces. Bullet proof!

Some examples:
• Sous vide salmon with Minor’s Herb de Provence and Hollandaise Sauce Concentrate
• Sous vide turkey with Minor’s Turkey Gravy Concentrate
• Sous vide tri-tip with Minor’s Fire Roasted Poblano and Demi-Glace Concentrate

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