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July 29, 2013

Adobo: The Next Latin Inspired Flavor Trend

from Minor's

Adobo is a savory, all-purpose seasoning that imparts chiles, herbs and garlic flavor and is normally used to season and/or marinate meat, chicken, or fish. It’s an essential seasoning in Latin American kitchens. It is so fundamental in Latin Cuisines that adobado means “marinated and cooked in adobo sauce”.

Before refrigeration, adobo mixtures were salt and vinegar blends used to preserve meat. The word adobo comes from the Spanish word adobar, which literally means “to marinate”. Historically it meant a type of pickling sauce made with olives, vinegar or wine, and spices.

These days, adobo is prepared a couple of ways: a dry spice mix and a wet rub paste. Generally speaking, it’s no longer used to preserve meat, but is used as a marinade and sauce. And demand for it is growing.

The basic ingredients are ground chiles, herbs, and vinegar.

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