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March 23, 2015

Authentic Flavor Every Time

from Minor's

I’ve spent some time lately—at home and on the job—cooking with our newest Latin Flavor Concentrates. As you can imagine, I’ve become pretty familiar with what they can do and how easily they can crank up the flavor in many dishes. But it sometimes takes more than my word to convince others of everything Minor’s® Flavor Concentrates can do. It’s hard for them to understand how such big flavor can come from such a small amount of product—not to mention with such little effort.

There’s a chef in my area that oversees a nice chain of Latin-inspired restaurants. He’s been to Mexico many times—always in search of authentic flavors—and he always eats in traditional restaurants in small towns to try and capture true, local taste. But overseeing a large group of restaurants, with some units operating with small kitchens, has its challenges. Being able to deliver big flavors without excessive labor and prep is key.

With so many kitchens to oversee, this chef’s job is always on the line. And since he’s so focused on making authentic Mexican cuisine from scratch, I thought he might be a tough one to convince to try our new flavors. But it turns out the smarter a chef is, and the more he or she knows about authentic flavor, the easier it is for them to see the authenticity in our concentrates.

While still cooking from scratch, this chef was able to work Minor’s Latin Flavor Concentrates right into some of the traditional cooking techniques he was already using. The addition of the concentrates delivered a much bigger punch than any other technique he had tried before. Traditional slow-roasted carnitas came out of the oven with a deeper level of flavor. The rice had a richer taste. Scratch-cooked black beans tasted more like what you’d find south-of-the-border, and fresh guacamole that was already on the menu tasted even better with a touch of Fire Roasted Poblano. Although some of the kitchens might be a little smaller than the chef would like, there’s nothing stopping him now from delivering the biggest flavor possible. The only problem might be on his next trip to Mexico, things won’t taste as good as they once did!

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