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November 5, 2013

Bienvenidos! Home Grown Taco Craze is Here!

from Chef M. Brett Curtis

Taco trucks/shops are becoming the brick and mortar of every street corner in America these days. Why, you ask? Chefs and culinarians are making their dreams and inspiration come alive with amazing culinary masterpieces.

These masterpieces have great callout names like the “Independent,” “Cuban Pig,” and “Crisp Tikka,” so you can expect ingredient decks of your staple proteins like chicken, beef, fish, pork and egg to be transformed with chef-loved components such as raita crema, house-brined pickle, escabeche carrots, ancho aioli and so much more. And the settings of most taco shops offer their own experience as well. You can see rustic dining from alloyed piped made chairs, eclectic paintings, bright colors and garage-like atmospheres’. Almost anything goes.

Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, and other metropolitan cities, I am sure, take their Mexican food seriously. Heated debates take place in many chat rooms, on Facebook and Twitter about who makes the most original tacos with the most original ingredients. So take your taste buds and reach out to find the original tastes of your local street taco shop because chances are it’s just too good to miss out on. Enjoy!”

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