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December 2, 2014

Bread Recipes with Big Flavor

from Chef Brian Dragos

As I was setting up for an ACF meeting, Carlton Brooks, CEPC, CCE, ACE and Pastry Instructor for EVIT, told me he had begun experimenting with adding Minor’s® to his bread recipes to kick up the flavor component. In one recipe he added Minor’s Lobster Base to rich, buttery classic brioche bread, and in another he added Minor’s Red Chili Adobo Flavor Concentrate. He wondered if I had ever added a Minor’s Base or Flavor Concentrate to one of my bread recipes.

Bread can add a special touch to any meal, and adding new and creative flavor combinations to classic recipes can take it to the next level. With inspiration from Chef Carlton, I decided to do some experimentation of my own. I used Minor’s Lobster Base to make a Lobster accented Brioche and paired it with fresh Maine lobster salad for a perfect summertime treat.

And there’s no reason to stop there. The following Minor’s Flavor Concentrate combinations make a great bread recipe even better.

Red Chile Adobo Flavor Concentrate + bolillo or Mexican tortas

Fire Roasted Poblano Flavor Concentrate + cheddar biscuits

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Flavor Concentrate + basic bread

Herb de Provence Flavor Concentrate + bread sticks

The list could go on and on. See what you can create. Simply cut back on the salt in your recipes and have fun!

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