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April 9, 2017

Capturing Millennials

from Chef Michael Flathers

Millennials have far surpassed any other living generations including baby boomers by just under 8 million (U.S. census) as the largest in our nation’s history. It should probably not come as a surprise that millennials are far more diverse than any other generation in our nation’s history. And they also eat out more.

Tips for tapping into millennials: • Stay on trend with global flavors and ethnic cuisine to capture the millennials attention. • Gochugaru peppers or gochujang is the next sriracha. It is in the early stages of the menu adoption cycle. I used to use gochujang with sesame oil, cider vinegar, garlic, sugar and sesame seeds. Seriously one of the best wings I’ve ever had. • The beauty of staying on trend with the millennial palate is working with exciting, bold and spicy ingredients that cater to a generation that can’t get enough of it.

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