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August 12, 2014

Chicken Ramen


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To help kick start your creativity, I will give you a little background on my chicken ramen recipe.

Over the last few years ramen has become increasingly popular, and understandably so. It can serve as a starter dish or the main event at lunch or dinner and works year round at any location from food trucks to restaurants. Before it started trending, most people in the U.S. had only experienced ramen through the cheap instant packages, which are often a college dorm room staple.

In Japan there are a few basic varieties, and much like chicken soup here, there are endless interpretations depending on the chef preparing the dish. Needless to say, these freshly made versions are richer in flavor and complexity and more nuanced than the stuff you get from the store.

The key to creating good ramen is the broth—it has to be great. No matter what type you are making, the broth has to be the star. I kept this in mind with my own recipe and started with umami rich ingredients including kombu, smoky MINOR’S Ham Base NAMSG and dried shitake. These flavors added a lot of depth and body of the broth for a truly delicious take on this Japanese classic.

What flavors will inspire your spin on ramen?

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