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March 31, 2016

Has the Casual Menu Become the New Way to Dine?

from Chef Christopher F. Donato

In my travels I see a mix of fusion-style menus in causal and fast casual restaurants. Often the menus lack the skill of classical cuts and sauces. Other than the occasional Eggs Benedict (which are now being cooked in the shell in a 64c water bath), where are the rest of the classic sauces and dishes? Sole Veronique, Steak Oscar, Beef Wellington, Bordelaise Sauce, Bechamel Sauce?

We are creating a generation of cooks that don’t have the foundation of classic cooking. While we do see braising— mostly associated with short rib— when was the last time you saw a poached chicken breast in Court Bouillon, or a pan poached fish in Fume?

Are we too busy in our daily lives to simply enjoy a meal and appreciate the skill required to create a masterpiece of culinary excellence? I say slow down and go enjoy a great classic meal if you can find one. One where you can make the meal the entertainment and experience for the evening.


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