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November 21, 2012

More Flavors of the Season

from Chef Greg Allen Taylor

As the Fall and Winter months rapidly approach, we look to the season of menu changes and adjust to the availability of fresh ingredients as the summer’s bounty falls into a distant memory.

As chefs, we look for new ways to entice our consumers and bring out the big and bold flavors of the cooler months.

The use of classic cooking methods: braising, stewing, poaching, and even the use of a classic technique known as sous vide, all combine bold flavors from rubs, concentrates and sauces to delight the customer and deliver a sense of comfort to them.

After all people love the basic bold flavors of a well prepared pot roast or chicken fricassee. Classic dishes prepared with bold flavors seem to warm our souls on a cold winter evening when dining with friends.

Take a step back to look at the classics for the up and coming season. Braised beef tips with Demi -glaze and a Whibey Island Port reduction. Chicken Alfredo with wild mushrooms and truffle oil. Ancho Hollandaise with poached ling Cod. Grilled Rib eye with roasted garlic and Bleu cheese butter, just to name a few.

As chefs, we embrace the up and coming months. What we lose in fresh ingredients, we gain with the opportunity to show off our cooking methods and our ability to bring big and bold flavors to the center of the plate.

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