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April 16, 2015

My Choice, My Way

from Chef Christopher Britton

Okay, I admit it. I am a Chipotle junkie.

As a Minor’s chef, I am on the road a good deal of the time, and my fast-casual chain of choice is Chipotle Mexican Grill. Not because they have reinvented the burrito, but because they are consistent, fast and fully customizable—much like the Action Station concepts we have available.

On a recent visit to Maryland, I found myself at the end of a 25-person line at Chipotle during their lunch rush. Instead of seeking out another dining venue, I decided to time the process. In a matter of only eight minutes, I was paying for my custom-made burrito. That equates to only 19.2 seconds per order!

As any chef would attest, the hallmarks of a successful restaurant are consistency, value and service. And Chipotle is no exception. Here’s how they do it:

  • Every store follows a set planogram for their 20-ingredient setup. This “trains” the consumer to expedite their orders, thus increasing efficiency and maintaining expectations.
  • They load their burritos and bowls with the inexpensive ingredients first, therefore limiting the amount of expensive proteins, salsas and cheese that follow.
  • They offer bold, on-trend flavors and naturally raised proteins that are freshly prepared in an open kitchen. These production techniques provide both transparency and comfort in the consumer’s mind.

You can easily offer similar value-driven, efficient concepts in your own operation, too. I encourage you to visit our Nestlé Professional Action Station website to learn more about our fully customizable and trendy concepts featuring breakfast, dessert, international, street food and wellness options. All of the concepts are available free of charge for Minor’s base and flavor concentrate operators. Each globally inspired concept includes recipes, prep & order guides, menu concepts and customizable POS signage. In no time at all you can offer your customers the same value, consistency and on-trend flavors far beyond burrito bowls.

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