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September 24, 2012

Perfect Pasta

from Minor's

Rarely would you say that creating a great dish is as easy as boiling water, but sometimes, with a MINOR’S® product in the kitchen, it’s really that simple. One of my go-to kitchen staples that helps me deliver great flavor is MINOR’S Herb de Provence Flavor Concentrate. Never does a week go by when I don’t find myself pressed for time and in the kitchen trying to make a quick pasta dish for the family.

But here’s my secret to delivering a great flavor boost to any pasta dish: For every gallon of boiling water, just add a tablespoon of MINOR’S Herb de Provence and about the same amount of MINOR’S Natural Chicken or Natural Vegetable Base. Cook off the pasta and drain. Here’s a tip: don’t rinse the pasta off in water. Next, toss in olive oil and then proceed with your recipe. Cooked in this way, the herbs just perfume the pasta and penetrate all the way through. Garnished with parmesan or romano cheese and Voilà! You’ll know why plain pasta need never taste so plain again!

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