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February 29, 2016

Pickles & Jalapeños Anyone?

from Chef Mary Locke

As a Chef, one of my greatest pleasures is to cook with passion and energy, making diners smile, and satisfying all of their senses. Why else would we spend our careers working long hours over hot stoves with clamor and chaos all around us?

For me it never was the “glamor” of missing every holiday with my family or working the 12-hour shift. It was the chance to please every guest. The chance to serve someone that truly memorable meal. The next greatest pleasure, however, is being on the receiving end of another cooks’ passion and energy.

I had the best thing I’ve ever eaten (to date, and it could change next week!) at an up-and-coming bourbon bar in snowy Buffalo, NY last week.

After enjoying a house specialty cocktail— bacon bourbon old fashioned—I had the Best. Burger. I. Ever. Ate. Jiffy peanut butter, NY State white cheddar, Applewood bacon and pickled jalapeños. Peanut butter on a beautiful dry aged burger you say? It was memorable to say the least.

The bottom line is, this Chef understood flavors. Not only of the individual components of the dish, but how they all come together on a brioche roll. What pulls a customer to order a certain dish? History? Novelty? Preference? Trends? Or is it Flavor? You guessed it: Flavor. And Flavor Means Business.

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