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September 3, 2013

Simple Recipe. Serious Impact.

from Minor's

I was in Las Vegas for almost a week attending the recent ACF National Convention, and while I was there I had a few meals from a few restaurants, perhaps a bit more than a few, including some fine restaurants with celebrity chefs. One meal in particular cost more than 2 car payments and it only fed 3 of us! But the most memorable dish, the item that was lip-smacking good and really knocked me back was also the most simple. I wanted to replicate it right away.

While taking a short break on the last day—you know how it’s all work at these events, there’s never any downtime—at one of the casual outlets, I had some lunch. I ordered fish tacos and a side of spicy edamame. Yes, the fish tacos were good, with both a soft and crispy shell, but they needed more than that to really stand out. Or maybe I was just distracted by the edamame. Those edamame beans were so great; I couldn’t stop eating them! They were pan seared at a high temp—I could tell by the few that were slightly darkened by the pan—and tossed with some tamari, black vinegar, sweet chili sauce and finished with some toasted sesame seeds, sesame oil and scallions. It’s hard to really put into words how good these beans were. And they used such simple ingredients! Keep in mind they were still in the pod, so I had to pop every bean out as I ate them, but I just could not stop savoring every single pod and every single bean!

It was a simple dish, very simple, almost too simple, but it packed more flavor than anything I had all week. And if that app didn’t have one of the best food cost percentages on the menu, I’d be pretty surprised. Give it a try in your own kitchen, and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

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