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February 3, 2015

Soup Throughout the Day

from Minor's

Entry written by Jaye Norris, Battle for Bocuse Finalist

Soup can be served in a variety of ways throughout the day from appetizer to entree. And because it’s so versatile, it’s an important component to any great restaurant’s menu.

In our fast-paced world, we are often looking for something good and something quick. Soup offers just that. When made properly, it can create a balanced, nutritional meal—sometimes with fewer calories and the ability to fill us up, helping to avoid overindulging.

A great soup begins with a great base. It doesn’t matter if you add expensive ingredients or not, if you start with a consistent base, you will end up with a delicious soup. Simply combine your choice of ingredients with a quality base to create a satisfying, meal-worthy soup that won’t go overboard on calories.

My favorite is a classic French onion soup topped with Italian bread, melted mozzarella and beef short ribs. And when served alongside a salad, you have a complete lunch or dinner. While short ribs tend to be expensive, you can easily lower the cost with less expensive beef and then kick up the flavor with cremini mushrooms and kale. You can also make a kid-friendly recipe by substituting the short ribs for prepared meatballs, fresh mushrooms and spinach.

But no matter what soup you decide to make, or what ingredients you choose to use, just remember the base is always key. I like to use Minor’s Gluten Free Bases for an easy way to cut back on the overall amount of gluten. Because after all, in addition to a quality base, moderation and great flavor help make any soup satisfying!

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