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September 15, 0017

Soups Sales Are Simmering

from Minor's

As consumers move away from traditional day-parts in favor of quick meals, periodic snacking, and on-the-go options, soups are filling a need for more substantial nourishment. And items like broth bowls are keying into the growing trend of meals with health benefits. As a growing number of consumers look for foods that provide functional benefits, or those that align with particular health and vitality concerns, (i.e. sustained energy, cancer-fighting superfoods, fiber to maintain satiety, and plant-based proteins), items like bone broths and nutrient-rich vegetable broths are growing in popularity.

Overall, soups are a staple of 70% of restaurants in the U.S., particularly in chef-driven fine dining establishments where over 85% of operators menu at least one variety. And while soups, stews, and chilis are on the decline on appetizer menus, they are appearing more frequently in the main course section—up 3.3% over the past four years, according to Datassential.

Where do enterprising operators start? Here is a list of the Top Ten soups (by menu penetration): 1. Chicken Soup (19.8%) 2. Chowder (13.7%) 3. Vegetable Soup (11.8%) 4. Tortilla Soup (11.1%) 5. Chicken Noodle Soup (10.2%) 6. Clam Chowder (9.6%) 7. French Onion (8.5%) 8. Tomato Soup (8.3%) 9. Bisque (7.3%) 10. Minestrone (7.3%)

And the Five Fastest growing varieties (largest year-over-year increase in menu penetration): 1. Pozole (36.7%) 2. Tomato Soup (33.6%) 3. Tofu Soup (20.0%) 4. Bisques (18.7%) 5. Miso Soup (14.8%)

Source: Datassential Soup Survey, 2017

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