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December 14, 2018

Eat Your Medicine

from Chef Orlando Apodaca, Jr.

Customers want food that tastes good, of course. But increasingly, they also want food that’s good for them, in the sense of value-added benefits like providing extra vitamins and minerals, promoting gut health, preserving memory, and more.

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June 30, 2018

Chipotle 2.0: What’s Next for Fast Casual Mexican?

from Minor's

When the first Chipotle opened in 1993, it introduced Americans to a whole new concept in quick-service Mexican food: an approachable menu that offered complete customization, better quality ingredients, and an upgraded experience that set the stage for the fast casual revolution that followed. In fact, Chipotle became so closely associated with the booming new segment that other fast casual concepts were often described as “the Chipotle of burgers” or “the Chipotle of Asian street food.”

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September 1, 2017

Capture the Taste of Live-Fire Cooking (Sponsored Content from Plate Magazine)

from Chef Brian Dragos

Capturing the taste of live-fire cooking requires chefs to take control and embrace risk. “It’s more challenging than sauté or pan frying. It’s like cooking without a net,” says Minor’s Executive Chef Brian Dragos. He’s been intrigued with live-fire cooking since working at a mesquite grill in Arizona. “With live fire there are some risks with burning hazards, overcooking and drying out food. It requires direct and indirect cooking.” But there are also rewards. “Flavor should be the top priority,” says Dragos.

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March 23, 2015

Authentic Flavor Every Time

from Minor's

I’ve spent some time lately—at home and on the job—cooking with our newest Latin Flavor Concentrates. As you can imagine, I’ve become pretty familiar with what they can do and how easily they can crank up the flavor in many dishes. But it sometimes takes more than my word to convince others of everything Minor’s® Flavor Concentrates can do. It’s hard for them to understand how such big flavor can come from such a small amount of product—not to mention with such little effort.

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