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October 28, 2018

Experimenting with Indian Flavors

from Minor's

Food people have been talking for a number of years about the potential for Indian cuisine to become The Next Big Thing, but I think the trend is finally getting some traction now. That’s because the exotic flavors and exciting specialties of India are becoming more familiar, and because the fast-casual segment represents a promising vehicle for innovative “mashups” that combine the best qualities of Indian food with familiar menu platforms like wraps and bowls.

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May 29, 2017

The Vegetarian Experiment


Recently, I sat down and explored many of food documentaries available on Netflix. After watching a couple, I came across one which focused on the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Now I’ve never been interested in pursuing a vegetarian diet, and for me, even the thought of giving up meat seemed unnatural. That being said, I became interested in the day-to-day lives of vegetarians. I was curious how vegetarians feel about their menu options and how keeping a vegetarian diet shapes their out-of-home dining habits. I speak to a lot of operators, and to some, offering fantastic vegetarian dishes is important. For others, not so much.

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