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July 2, 2012

Take Your Customers on an Exotic Excursion

from Minor's

Making customers happy means many things to many people. It can suggest giving them exactly what they’re asking for or allowing them to customize their dish. However you look at it, all chefs have the same goal in mind – provide great tasting food while delighting the customer. One innovative way to keep customers blissful is to help them explore exotic flavors through an International Soup Station.

The idea of a build your own soup station is attractive to customers and easy to do. Think of an Asian noodle soup bar expanded to include indigenous, recognizable soups from around the world. That’s what an International Soup Station would look like. Customers can choose from a myriad of common ingredients that would be recognizable from the country that you’re featuring on that day. Imagine a Latin soup station with add-ins such as black beans, pinto beans and yellow rice along with vegetables like diced tomatillos, diced jicama, and roasted corn. Then pair it with a choice of either a chipotle chicken tortilla broth or a vegetarian pico de gallo broth.

In addition to focusing on the exotic flavors of a particular country or region, think about a home-style chicken noodle soup or chowder station with both clear and creamy broths. You can add many different kinds of noodles, potatoes and vegetables and for proteins offer smoked turkey or ham as an option. For a Chowder Station, why just limit yourself to seafood! Who wouldn’t love corn, baked potatoes, bacon, white beans or wild rice in their chowder?

There are a lot of great cuisines from around the world and great soups can be found in every country. So why not bring the world into your kitchen by putting it in a soup bowl? You can easily give your customers a healthy, nutritious bowl of comforting, hot soup packed full of their favorite items, with the flavors of exotic countries and cuisines changing all the time. The only thing you won’t be able to give them is the bill for the airfare!

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