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October 1, 2014

Three Chile Tortilla Soup

from Minor's

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For my tortilla soup, I started with smoky flavors and some inspiration from the south. The different flavors that can be coaxed from chiles featured in Southwest, Latin American and Mexican cuisine is amazing—all based on the spectrum of preparation methods that can be used. You can fire roast; dry and toast; or smoke, dry and rehydrate to manipulate the flavors and draw out different characteristics. I wanted to combine several of these in my recipe to make a well-rounded soup.

Naturally, a flavorful broth is key in a great tortilla soup—vegetarian or meat based. Fresh garnishes like chiles, onions and cilantro are all ideal for adding some flavor and texture—as well as good corn tortillas, of course. With the combination of chiles I chose for my recipe there is a robust yet balanced chile flavor with some smoky notes that pair well with the hominy of the tortillas and a touch of lime.

Tortilla soup tastes good year round and is a great soup to menu during warmer months starting around Cinco de Mayo. It can easily be tweaked to meet any taste buds— from those who like their soup a little spicy, to vegetarian options, and more. It’s perfect served alongside an appetizer for lunch or as a light dinner option. Chips and guacamole, queso fundido, empanadas or a chile relleno all make a nice accompaniment any time of day.

Go to Battle for Bocuse to see a tortilla soup recipe that really stood out and cast your vote for your favorite finalist before October 31st.

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