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September 2, 2014

Truffled Potato


Potato soup is a classic comfort food. Read about my inspiration for taking it to the next level for the MINOR’S® Soup Recipe Contest and check back on October 1st to see the soups that stood out in the Battle for Bocuse!

It was a no-brainer for me to create a pairing between potato and truffle. Not only are the flavors complementary, but the humble potato creates a nice juxtaposition with one of the world’s most exclusive ingredients. I love the idea of pairing silky potato soups with ingredients that will really elevate the natural earthiness of the potato. Potatoes, leeks, truffles and onions all spend the majority of their time growing underground. I think that’s why they pair so well with the potato.

No matter how you decide to approach potato soup, ultimately it should be kept simple. All you need is a few ingredients, ultra smooth texture and a touch of dairy to enhance the natural creaminess. Although potato soup with cheese, bacon, garlic and other big flavors tastes great, I love a more refined potato soup with flavors that complement the earthiness of the potato.

The real beauty of potato soup is that is can be served hot or cold. From late summer through the end of winter, it makes a wonderful seasonal special alongside a gourmet grilled cheese on sourdough filled with sautéed wild mushrooms, Emmental cheese and fine herbs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to potato soup.

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