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January 25, 2017

USA Makes History at Bocuse d'Or

from Chef Mary Locke

It was the shot heard around the culinary world— where on the largest stage, Chef Mathew Peters of the United States broke through to win the Bocuse d’Or culinary competition— a first for our nation.

It was incredible to watch history be made, as the crowd roared to life to celebrate the first American Chef to take gold. I feel so lucky to be here with our Flavor Expedition Recipe Contest winner, Chef Alexis Sicklick, who may end up on this stage herself someday!

Chef Mathew Peters took 1st place in front of the Chef Christopher Davidsen (Norway) and the Chef Viktor Andrésson (Iceland). The theme this year included 100% vegetable concepts— a first for the competition. After 2 intense days of competition, Chef Peters’ homage to Chef Bocuse’s “Chicken with Crayfish” was voted the best dish of the competition.

Although not able to attend personally, Chef Paul Bocuse was appropriately honored by the crowd as the contest’s namesake and “Pope of Gastronomy”. His son, Jerome, now chair of the SIRHA show, awarded the trophy while Chef Joël Robuchon, honorary chairman of the jury, called on the public to stand and “send their most tender thoughts to the father of French cuisine”.

Tonight, Lyon will resemble bedlam— at least for our American contingency.

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