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May 15, 2015

What's Going on With All This Bone Broth?

from Chef George Sideras

You can hardly pick up a food blog or an article today without reading about the new, wondrous miracle cure—bone broth. As this trend gains strength and popularity, many sweeping claims of medical miracles and access to micronutrients run rampant. Looking past these claims (real or perceived), I believe that there is a more fundamentally sound reason as to why this trend has become so popular.

The reason revolves around flavor, mouth feel and a certain nostalgia that everyone is seeking. There’s something comforting about the smell and richness of a savory broth that reminds us of home. After all, one of the cultural icons of food is chicken noodle soup. With it we’ve developed an association of comfort, nourishment and healing properties. Those feelings all come rushing back the moment you get a nose full of that rich chicken aroma.

What I find compelling is creating rich, savory broths at home using Minor’s Natural Gluten Free Chicken Base. I take a cup of chicken broth, add some lemongrass, ginger and a little star anise—it’s perfect for sipping on a cold day. The aroma and taste fill the senses and warm the body. I’ve been experimenting with putting some gelatin sheets in the broth to mimic the mouth feel and texture that we associate with a kitchen-made stock.

Aside from the implied health and medical benefits of drinking bone broth, I think there is real opportunity for operators to capitalize on this trend by creating rich broths with unique flavor combinations. I can envision a broth bar in a dining room offering a variety of aromatics, flavor concentrates and spices for guests to choose from. This would be a great way to create custom broths after an athletic event, on a cold winters night, or to be served as an amuse-bouche before a big event.

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