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October 27, 2015

Why "Just" a Burger?

from Chef Kevin Wassler

Sitting next to a fellow “out of towner” at a local tavern in Minneapolis recently, I questioned his order for dinner of “just” a bacon cheeseburger. With a menu full of unique options, why the old American stand-by? We discussed the different options available as a consumer— the blends of beef (let alone the specialty options of turkey, bison or Kobe); the variety of breads and buns; the distinctive list of toppings, cheeses and sauces. You’ll spend 20 minutes just trying to create your very own unique burger.

Lists are published every year with new hot spots featuring latest creations from cutting edge Chefs. does a great job recognizing these mouthwatering burgers from all across the country. Stop and check if any of your local spots are listed or tag it in your GPS for your next road trip. recognizes the quintessential cheese topping, as it’s sponsored by The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. There are a number of similar websites out there, and with the abundance of social media sites, someone’s uploading a picture of their favorite burger as you read this.

With all the options out there, my fellow diner and I agreed on one thing: quality and flavor above all else. Many consumers have their favorite butcher shop to purchase their high quality blend of beef. Most Chefs and restaurateurs have a proprietary blend of their own cuts that make their burger unique. With a variety of Minor’s Flavor Concentrates available, why not create a distinctive flavor profile of your own? Simply blend with your protein of choice with a few tablespoons of any Flavor Concentrate to get started. Fire Roasted Jalapeno or Fire Roasted Poblano creates a zesty, savory start to a great burger. Add Roasted Garlic to ground Kobe or Herb de Provence to ground turkey.

Each of the Flavor Concentrates can also be added to your favorite burger condiments for additional mouthwatering combinations. Experiment with Flavor Concentrates to offer your customers more than just a burger.

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