Minor's®Flavor Expedition Recipe Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner

Chef Tom Chamot - Jackfruit Bánh Mì

Products Used: Minor’s Cilantro Lime Flavor Concentrate

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In a thoughtful and inventive twist, Chef Chamot used jackfruit instead of pork and substituted mango for pate in his vegetarian interpretation of the Bánh Mì sandwich. A spread of his signature Cilantro Lime crema provided a bright and aromatic nuance to every flavorful bite; while the use of celery fronds provided leafy texture and made use of a common vegetable trimming.


Chef Holly Rees - Butter Chicken Sandwich

featuring Roasted Garlic Raita

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Chef Bo Bernard - Austin Brisket Burger

featuring Fire Roasted Poblano Ketchup and Red Chile Adobo Mayonnaise

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Chef Adam Hegsted - Honey Butter Chicken Slider

featuring Roasted Garlic Mayo and Cilantro Lime-Jalapeno Slaw

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