Flavor is the one thing that will
bring customers back again and again.

Flavor isn’t measured like other parts of the business—it’s not created on charts or gauged by its numeric value. It’s crafted in the kitchen and judged on each and every plate. It’s what pushes every chef and what pulls every diner. At Minor’s®, we know that each taste has to be perfect, each patron has to be wowed, and the best tomorrow is based on what you serve today.

Minor’s has a proven heritage of providing the very best tastes in products perfectly made to serve your operation. Created by chefs for chefs, each of our products—from bases to sauces to Culinary Cream—uses high-quality ingredients that are selected, sourced and handled with extreme care to the highest standards in quality and food safety.

The results are flavors preferred by chefs* and products with exceptional yield. Designed to outperform all others, the flavors from Minor’s always capture authentic tastes and always work exactly as needed in your favorite dishes. Because flavor means everything. Flavor Means Business™.

*2010 Tragon research, blind cutting with ACF chefs

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Working hand-in-hand, mind-to-menu.

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