Christopher F. Donato

Chef Donato has enjoyed more than 25 years in the foodservice industry, primarily in the Southeast. Raised on the Chesapeake Bay, Chef Donato has learned to incorporate seafood into most any dish. His years of training at the renowned Trellis Restaurant in Williamsburg, VA, have taught him to use the seasons and the fresh available local provisions to create delectable culinary delights for his many patrons over the years.


  • ACF Apprenticeship, Trellis Rest Williamsburg, VA

Major Achievements/Awards:

  • Certified Executive Chef, ACF National Presidents Medallion

Work History:

  • Colonial Williamsburg, VA—Cook
  • Trellis Rest Williamsburg, VA—Apprentice
  • Tobacco Company Rest, Tampa, FL—Sous Chef
  • Plaza Club Bradenton, FL—Executive Sous Chef
  • Pelican Bay Country Club, Daytona, FL—Executive Chef
  • Mac Gregor Downs Country Club, Cary, NC—Executive Chef
  • Garfield’s Restaurant—Chef/Owner, Knightdale, NC
  • Henderson Country Club, Henderson, NC—Executive Chef
  • Associated Foodservices, Charlotte, NC—Corporate Chef

Favorite Food:

  • Chicago dogs with a cold beer

Favorite Minor’s® Product:

  • Minor’s Natural Gluten Free Chicken Base


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