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October 16, 2014

Bourbon Street French Onion Soup

from Minor's

This recipe started from the desire to enhance the natural flavor profile of an already delicious French onion soup. I decided to use a bourbon sauce with aged bourbon and notes of roasted onion and molasses because I thought the flavors would meld nicely with the soup and add an extra twist that would help it stand out.

The key to a good French onion soup is taking the time to properly caramelize the onions. After all, they are the star of this simple soup, making it critical to use good technique and great ingredients.

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Minor’s® products used in making Bourbon Street French Onion Soup:

Minor’s Gluten Free Beef Base made with Natural Ingredients (6x1lb)

Minor’s Gluten Free Chicken Base made with Natural Ingredients (6x1lb)

Minor’s Bourbon Style Sauce RTU 4x0.5gal

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