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January 28, 2016

Orange Honey Dressing

from Minor's

The sweetness in this citrus-based dressing balances salads using bitter greens and leafy chicory, like radicchio. A great option for spinach salads, fruit salads, grilled chicken, steak and seafood salads.

Thoroughly combine in a food processor and chill. Mix briskly before serving. Yields 1 qt. (16 servings):

• 1/3 cup Honey
• 1/3 cup Rice wine vinegar
• 1-1/2 cups Orange juice, unsweetened
• 2 tsp Minor’s® Sautéed Vegetable Base (Mirepoix) NAMSG (Gluten Free)
• 1 tsp Mustard, dried, powdered
• 2 tsp Ginger root, fresh
• 1-1/2 cups Vegetable oil
• 2 Tbsp Onions chopped fine

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