Flavor isn’t measured like other parts of the business—it’s not created on charts or gauged by its numeric value. It’s crafted in the kitchen and judged on each and every plate. It’s what pushes every chef and what pulls every diner. At Minor’s®, we know that each taste has to be perfect, each patron has to be wowed, and the best tomorrow is based on what you serve today.

Minor’s has a demonstrated heritage of providing the very best tastes in products perfectly made to serve your operation. Created by chefs for chefs, each Minor’s product—from bases to sauces to Culinary Cream—is designed to outperform all others, with authentic tastes and the performance required for your favorite dishes. Because flavor means everything. Flavor Means BusinessTM


Minor’s® quality flavor brings extraordinary value to your operation. Soup is often the first item served, and is your chance to make the first impression that will inspire your customers to come back again and again. Don’t let cost alone determine your purchase decision, when it’s flavor that truly grows your profits. If serving better tasting soup gives you two or more soup sales each day, you could make $3,500 more in profit each year.

Minor’s bases are a small portion of your total food costs, yet make an enormous difference in the flavor of your dishes. The flavor of Minor’s high quality bases will elevate any dish from ordinary to extraordinary.

“With Minor’s products you always know the quality of the ingredients and the consistent results that you can achieve! Minor’s is a major influence in raising the WOW factor of any dish!”

- Eric Knoll, New York Yacht Club

“As far as “Flavor Means BusinessTM”—Minor’s has repeatedly shown that they can execute, providing quality ingredients that meet the needs of food service, food manufacturers, and just plain foodies everywhere.”

- Brad Bankston, The Kroger Co.

Soup is on the rise: The number of consumers ordering soup is up 17% in the last two years1, and soups are incredibly profitable, especially when using Minor’s bases. $2,400 profit in every Minor’s case.

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* Datassential, Pricing by Soup Variety 2012, Commercial Segment
** Average food cost for top selling soups made with Minor's bases.
1 Technomic Report, 2012

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